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big bang

universe candle

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Under the mostly white surface of this universe candle you will find a colour combo we call life. Throughout the burn you will see a variety of green and yellow shades mixing and cooling separately. No two candle burns will ever be the same!


Each candle is hand poured, dyed and polished by us. We created and use a custom candle mould from this big bang design that we sculpted ourselves.


Colours: green & yellow

We have designed universe candles to be sculptures in your home or a colour journey experience if you decide to burn them. This candle will burn for around 2 - 3 hours, during this time you will experience a variety of colours and shapes as the wax spills out and cools like the birth of the universe, mixing colours along the way.


Free worldwide shipping included! 



12cm height x 4cm diameter (at the base)


made from 100% soy wax & unscented


Never leave your candle unattended while burning and ensure you are burning away from any flammable materials.

Please note, each universe candle will have a unique one off colour journey. A variation in colour and finish is normal. Images depict a sample of this design, yours may differ.