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universe set

universe candle

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entity: red and pink

big bang: green and yellow

rocket: pink, orange, yellow

No two candle burns will ever be the same!


Each candle is hand poured, dyed and polished by us. We created and use a custom candle moulds from designs that we sculpted ourselves.


We have designed universe candles to be sculptures in your home or a colour journey experience if you decide to burn them. These candles will burn for around 2 - 3 hours each, during this time you will experience a variety of colours and shapes as the wax spills out and cools, mixing colours along the way.


Free worldwide shipping included! 



entity: 11cm height x 3.5cm diameter

big bang: 15cm height x 5cm diameter

rocket: 14cm x 5.5cm diameter


made from 100% soy wax & unscented


Never leave your candles unattended while burning and ensure you are burning away from any flammable materials.

Please note, each universe candle will have a unique one off colour journey. A variation in colour and finish is normal. Images depict a sample of this design, yours may differ.